Project Consulting Program

We understand the importance of your project, and we want to make sure you have all the information and knowledge to take the best decision, based on your needs and expectations.

Experience! Reliability! Expertise!

Most of our clients don't have technical knowlege about the construction industry, this can be confusing, stressful and scary.
We want you to be completely comfortable in choosing to do business with PRIME.  That's why we created our Project Consulting Program to help you make an educated decision. There is nothing more satisfying than completing a project and having a happy and grateful customer.

Technical expertise consulting and the best customer service by your side. We not only offer products and services, we offer an experience.

Value Proposition  |  Project Consulting

  • Transparent communication with customers on actual costs, timelines, and expectations associated with their projects
  • Educating customers about products available and what comes with those products, good and bad; allowing them to make an educated decision
  • Advice: Provide solutions focused on the client's problem and not on the company's agenda
  • Allowing our customers to tell us what they want and build our estimate around their desires and budgets
  • Empathy: Making sure our customers know that we understand how important their project is to them and that it is important to us - no matter the size or complexity
  • Being honest about our capabilities - we will not just say we can do anything - if we can't meet our quality standards for a certain aspect of a customers project, we will tell them up front and offer to refer them to someone who is better suited to meet their needs

Project Consulting Program

4 Steps Process

Listening & Understand

1 - Our Project Consultant meets with our customer to discuss the proposed project and get all the details.

2 - Empathize, Listening and Clarifying our customer problems, needs, and expectations.


Advice & Solutions

3 -Educate and provide the best information, advice, and solutions necessary to support the best customer decision, protect their investment, and prevent future surprises.

4 -Explain pricing.

Answer Questions

5 - Resolve possible questions.

Sign a Contract

6 - Once customer feels ready and comfortable that we are the contractor for them, we sign a contract and schedule the project's production.


Don't hesitate to request a consulting appointment for your project today.

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